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Tarot cards have been around for a long time. There are a lot of theories of how and why they work, but no one really knows. I think they’re just a focal point, or sign posts indicating direction. The real information comes through the reader and the person asking the question (the querent).

There are 78 cards in a Tarot deck. They are divided into two categories, called arcana; 22 major and 56 minor arcana. Our modern playing cards are 

I'm usually skeptical of non-tangible things like tarot card readings. However, Marla won me over. I witnessed and participated in three of her readings recently. 

She has a unique way of connecting and engaging with people. Her insights were spot-on and provocative. Without hesitation, I recommend a tarot card reading with Marla.

- Larry Kirschner

I had a reading from Marla and it was amazing! I was having a problem in my business with a student and I didn’t even realize it but it was draining my energy. But after I spoke with Marla, I had a mindshift and the problem was solved! I’d recommend Marla to anyone who wants insight into their life or their business. She’s great! Thanks Marla!

- Ellen Violette

Marla has a unique way of guiding someone to their clarity. She doesn't intrude but allows people to keep their privacy WHILE giving them guidance. That is a unique skill. 

During our conversation, Marla gave insight on 3 opportunities that were coming up for me and I wanted to see more into each one of them to choose the best option.

Reach out to Marla if you'd like new insights and perspective to make good decisions.

- Aryana Rollins

derived from the minor arcana. Cups became hearts. Swords became spades. Pentacles became diamonds; and rods became clubs. Knights became jacks, and pages disappeared.

Each card has a meaning that you can look up in a book, but the real meaning comes from  intuitive interpretation in the context of the layout. So, the meanings change and can be very personal. I had a friend who ‘programmed’ her cards. For instance, she assigned the meaning of Attorney to the Justice card. So, when that card showed up in a spread, it meant a Lawyer was involved. You won’t find that meaning in any book.​

About Tarot Cards

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