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I recently had my 1st ever Tarot Card Reading with Marla. I was excited ,nervous about the information I was about to recieve . She was informative and helpful.

She helped me to understand what the effects of a major betrayal had on me. And helped me to free myself from that Great burden. I will connect with Msla again! And I reccomend her to anyone seeking answers.

Thank you Marla and yes I’m exploring more opportunities.

- Toya

When you were doing the reading for me, it felt a *little* foreign to me. Like you were pulling out a bunch of ingredients onto the kitchen counter that seemed unrelated to one another, and didn’t appear to be able to make one good dish. And yet, somewhere inside, I *knew* a very good dish was there to be made; I could feel it. It turns out that with settling time, those ingredients have come together into an “aha” that is really big. REALLY big. I don’t know anyone more self-reflective than I am, so I didn’t think there was anything I didn’t know about myself. But in the settling time, I saw an entire life-long pattern of mine that I’ve never seen before! And it needs to be broken!  I would never be in this awareness if you hadn’t presented me with all of those ingredients. I am truly grateful! And I’ll be in touch as the dish continues cooking!

Lizabeth Phelps, Persuasive Communications Expert

I think it’s safe to tell you that in some way, somehow, I feel a little stronger or less depressed today. I believe this is because we definitely connected with the unique core issues that surround me as well as those that are within. Now, I have important work to do in the areas we discussed!

Thank you again, for the wonderful, intuitive guidance that you offer. I’m sure I will be in touch with you sometime in the future and will let others know about your site.

- Lynn

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